Terms and Conditions

Roll-off Customers

These terms and conditions are the sole terms under which T. Scherber Roll-offs, LLC provides roll-off dumpster rental services and apply to all rentals by any customer—residential, commercial or municipal—with notice of these terms, however gained, including the use of T. Scherber Roll-offs website. These Terms and Conditions, together with those contained in any Roll-off Order, constitute the entire agreement between the customer and T. Scherber related to the rental of the roll-off(s) specified in such Roll-Off Order. No terms which are in any manner whatsoever additional to or different from those set forth herein shall become a part of or in any way alter the Agreement without the express written consent of T.Scherber Roll-offs LLC

Additional fees will be charged for anything outside the general policy and their prices will be listed upon a quote request. Visit the roll-offs page for more information regarding this service.