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We’re a competitive, reliable roll-off dumpster rental company that takes great pride in servicing your disposal needs.

Timely deliveries, excellent customer service—both on and off site—and community involvement make us a top choice for contractors in the Twin Cities.

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roll-off sizes


10 Yard 16’L x 6’W x 3’H


20 Yard 20’L x 8’W x 4’H


30 Yard 20’L x 8’W x 6’H


Roll-offs can be booked by calling or texting us at (952)300-5876 or by emailing

Note: We are soon launching an app to simplify and streamline the ordering process. Each customer and site supervisor will have their own account with us through the app. Ordering through the app will be ensure the fastest processing of orders into dispatch and will give our clients up-to-date info on delivery, pick-up times and access to previous invoicing.

Service Standards

  • Orders placed by 8:00am are likely to be swapped the same day

  • Orders placed by 10:00am are guaranteed to be serviced within 24 hours of the order

  • Orders placed in the afternoon are guaranteed to be serviced within 48 hours

Rental Period

  • 14 days, unless otherwise noted when order is completed

  • $50 a week for each additional week

Delivery and Pickup

  • Clear access to the roll-off for purposes of loading and unloading is required (see Access below)

  • All dumpsters should be placed on a flat, level surface.

  • Any roll-off dumpster called in for service that is blocked is subject to a trip charge of $125 or wait time fees if our schedule allows. The first 20 minutes of a delivery is complimentary. An added $2 per minute for additional wait time.

  • Customer voluntarily assumes all known and unknown risks relating to the roll-off dumpster box and owner’s property during delivery, removal, and throughout the term of your rental contract.

  • Site conditions are expected to be in compliance with city ordinances and are the responsibility of the contractor. This includes proper construction entrances.

roll-off clearance

site Access

Delivery trucks require:

  • 50 feet length (front to back)

  • At least 10 feet wide.

  • Placement location should have 14 feet of vertical clearance.

  • Cars/trucks, snow, dirt, or anything that may hinder the placement or removal of the container must be removed prior to arrival.

Driveway & Property Waiver

Customer is authorizing T. Scherber Roll-Offs to enter property for purpose of moving trucks, containers on and off the property.Customer cannot move a dumpster that has been placed onsite without our approval. We can service a re-spot for a fee.

Container Loading Information

  • Customer agrees to load roll-off dumpster evenly, not to exceed the rim of the box. FMCSA mandates cargo may not leak, spill, blow off vehicle, fall from vehicle, or otherwise become dislodged from vehicle.

  • Customer agrees not to overload the roll-off dumpster. Roll-offs should not exceed 10 tons. Overweight dumpsters are subject to a fee of $60 per ton.

  • All costs from fines, excess landfill charges, or any improperly loaded container rests solely upon the customer.

New Construction

We try our best, but dirt/mud leaving the site can be inevitable. If possible, the area where the dumpster is to be placed should be rocked.

Customer is responsible for clean-up.

Concrete & Stone

For disposal of concrete, stone, etc. customer must use a 10yd. dumpster only.

Materials Accepted


C&D Materials
Cardboard Boxes
Treated & Untreated Lumber
Cement Block
Duct Work
Flat Roofing Materials
Metal - Iron, Copper, Brass, Aluminum, Tin
Pails (empty)
Paint Pails (empty)
Caulk Tubes
Drain Tile
Taping Compound
Silt Fencing

Built-in Cabinets
Household Trash
Landscape Pots
Molded Fiberglass
Paper Shingle Wrap
Railroad Ties
Boat Hulls
Tar Buckets
Tar Paper
Window Clad


Materials Accepted for Additional Fees

  • Box Spring & Mattress: $25 each

  • Appliances: $45 each

  • Upholstered Furniture: $45 each

  • Tires: $20 each

Materials NOT Accepted

As defined by local, state, or federal regulation, these items are not acceptable in any roll-off dumpster and are subject to extra charge. Any and all charges accrued by unacceptable items will be charged to the customer’s account


Lithium Batteries
Liquid/Fuel Propane Tanks
Yard Waste*
Hazardous Waste

Tree Stumps*
Fluorescent Bulbs
Burn Material*


*indicates materials accepted with prior planning and proper paperwork

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