Cost Effective Compaction – Machine Mounted or Self Propelled?

The Bomag Compactor

Machine Mounted Static Force on The Bomag

Compaction is a definitely a focus for our team. Every backfill and soil correction we do is compacted cautiously every 6 inches, more often then most excavators. Compaction done properly and that frequently prevents soil settling and frost damage but also provides long-term stability.

There are 2 primary compaction forces that get the job done: static and vibratory. Static force is created by a machine mounted compactor like my BOMAG. Vibratory force is created by a self propelled plate compactor like our WACKER. 

Excavating & Compacting on Lake Minnetonka

Vibratory Force from the self propelled Wacker

Both are productive and meet density specifications but which one is most cost effective? We all know, its the money we make per yard that keeps us in business.

My opinion? It depends on the soil classification and size but for a standard basement I’d lean towards the WACKER as more cost conscious.  What’s your compactor of choice and why?

Here is a detailed article from Grading & Excavation Contractor that goes into both options and the differing opinions on what works best.

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