Thank You Denali Custom Homes, Charles Cudd Co, & Allied Construction for making this donation possible with the work you sent us 1st quarter!

A Solid Foundation of Giving Back

We’re committed to taking our standard of support beyond the construction site into the community. T.Scherber has pledged $25,000 to sponsor ROOM 26 at Children’s C.H. Robinson Infusion Center giving us the opportunity to partner with our contractors and give back to families that need it most.

About Infusion Room 26

Children’s C.H. Robinson Infusion Center is the largest pediatric cancer and blood disorder program in the Midwest with more than 3,400 outpatient visits each year.

Treatments are given in 14 sponsored private rooms spacious enough to accommodate the patient, family, & care team.

Hospitalized Less.
Chemotherapy and transfusions are given in the clinic to reduce hospital stays and support normal routines for patient and family.

One Visit. Many Specialists.
Multi Specialty clinics allow our patients to visit all of their specialist during one clinic visit.

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A family during treatment in Room 26

Donation Goals for 2016

500 Dumpsters

100 Services